Corporate Alumni Relations Consulting


Building Corporate Alumni Networks: Creating Value for the Future of your Company

We invest a lot in our employees and they invest a lot in our company and products. This win-win situation must continue after they have left us for another career step.

Therefore with help my Corporate Alumni Relations Consulting you can establish a corporate alumni network to keep in touch with our former coworkers for mutual advantage.

How can we do that?
What are the added values for us and for our alumni?

I share my experience with you. Please do not hesitate to contact me.

What will our Corporate Alumni do for us?

- Our alumni are used to live and think in networks.
- The alumni of our company are the best way to strengthen our corporate but also our employer brand.
- They give us a positive image, provide negotiation advantages and may even have influence on clients decisions.
- In their networks they are the nodes for us and give us referrals.

Our task: With Alumni Relations Consulting we care for a life-long relationship and networking culture